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  • Dogus Law Firm | Istanbul


  • Ekibimiz | Doğuş Hukuk Bürosu

    Our team All kinds of legal issues are evaluated and resolved on a client-specific basis with our knowledgeable and experienced team. Lawyer Ömer Furkan ALPAY Founder & Executive Partner Lawyer Meryem UZUNAL Senior Lawyer Zülal ERSOY Vice Director Esmanur KÖMÜR Vice Director Join us Our colleagues and intern lawyers who believe that they might add even more value to us within an efficient workplace and in a productive team may reach us. Join us

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    To see this working, head to your live site. Categories All Posts My Posts Forum Welcome! Have a look around and join the discussions. Create New Post General Discussion Share stories, ideas, pictures and more! subcategory-list-item.views subcategory-list-item.posts 0 Follow Questions & Answers Get answers and share knowledge. subcategory-list-item.views subcategory-list-item.posts 0 Follow New Posts Murat Aksu Dec 09, 2022 Welcome to the Forum General Discussion Share your thoughts. Feel free to add GIFs, videos, hashtags and more to your posts and comments. Get started by commenting below. Like 0 comments 0 Murat Aksu Dec 09, 2022 Introduce yourself General Discussion We'd love to get to know you better. Take a moment to say hi to the community in the comments. Like 0 comments 0 Murat Aksu Dec 09, 2022 Forum rules General Discussion We want everyone to get the most out of this community, so we ask that you please read and follow these guidelines: • Respect each other • Keep posts relevant to the forum topic • No spamming Like 0 comments 0 Forum - Frameless

  • Portfolio | Doğuş Hukuk Bürosu

    My Portfolio Welcome to my portfolio. Here you’ll find a selection of my work. Explore my projects to learn more about what I do.

  • Çalışma Alanlarımız | Doğuş Hukuk Bürosu

    Our Practice Areas Dogus Law, with its team of skilled lawyers, handles litigation for domestic and international clients in a wide range of legal areas. Additionally, it offers legal advice prior to judicial proceedings. Dogus Law's expertise is also utilized in this setting for the mediation negotiations, contract completion, and signature processes. In addition, representation and defending of clients before official authorities and judicial mechanisms are provided. ​ Dogus Law Firm, with its corporate and commercial law specialists, offers services in a wide range of fields, including partnership, investment, finance, and IT law, as well as construction and real estate law. The most common areas of legal guidance are: Criminal Law More info Corporate Law More info Contract Law More info IT Law More info Labor Law More info Tax Law More info Insurance Law More info Investment Law More info Immovables & Construction Law More info Foreigners & Citizenship Law More info Execution & Bankruptcy LAW More info

  • Contact | Dogus Law Firm

    Contact location Kisikli Mah. Yıldıran Sok. No:1 Uskudar / Istanbul E-mail E-mail 0216 342 00 99 Dogus Law has a human resources policy that adopts the principle of expanding the young and dynamic team in its legal staff and constantly improving its team members.​ ​ Dogus Law has the privilege of having a legal team that adopts the principle of serving its clients, which span a wide range of fields of activity, with functional and highest standards approaches. This privilege paves the way for the attorneys working within the Incorporation to be given responsibilities in a way that they can improve themselves and to be guided in line with these responsibilities. ​ Dogus Law has a human resources plan for those who are just starting their legal careers or looking for the opportunity to work in a dynamic and supportive business environment with an experienced staff. In addition, there are human resources plans for colleagues who have career goals in sub-branches of law such as legal experts and legal secretariat services. You can fill out the form below to join our team. Name surname E-mail Mobile Phone Nr Cover letter Send

  • About Us | Dogus Law Firm

    About Us Dogus Law was established in 2016 in Istanbul. Since 2019, it has also begun providing international services to its customers through its London office. Dogus Law's mission is to provide real people and legal entities with high-quality legal consulting services at the national and international levels. With its experts and experienced team, any and all legal issues are evaluated and resolved on a client-specific basis. Legal risk analysis studies are essential within the context of preventive law understanding in order to take the necessary precautions before legal issues arise. As a result, clients' potential legal risks are minimized prior to their occurrence. Laws, regulations, and all other written legal rules, as well as high court decisions and case law, are diligently followed to achieve this goal because law is a dynamic field. With its experienced and dynamic team, each of whom is an expert in their own field, Dogus Law intends to provide more effective consultancy services to its clients through its representative office in London and partner law offices in various countries. In order to carry out activities that are based in Europe and the United Kingdom, it maintains a permanent representative in its London office. Dogus Law, which provides a wide range of legal consulting services to legal and real people, collaborates with its international partners to provide qualified, large-scale consulting services. When looking for solutions to its clients' legal issues, Dogus Law places a high value on building trust with them. It makes every effort to determine the most beneficial and efficient road map for each specific legal situation by thoroughly understanding the needs and desires of its clients. At that point, it is aware of how crucial it is to establish effective and constructive communication with its customers. One of Dogus Law's fundamental tenets is the ability to communicate openly and honestly with the client. Consequently, it is essential to clearly communicate with the client all potential risks and negative aspects of a legal situation. In this setting, unresolved legal issues are handled with care from the beginning to the end, taking into account the client's needs and desires. ​ The staff at Dogus Law offers assistance in a variety of legal matters, each of which is specialized in a different area. Expert lawyers are in charge of providing legal consulting services and following up on litigation processes. Following up on all sorts of lawsuits and enforcement files, representing clients before official authorities, executing mediation activities, preparing and examining contracts within the scope of legal consultancy, determining the points that may be in favor of the client, and carrying out activities like warnings and making necessary changes are all carried out meticulously. ​ Dogus Law Office provides domestic and international clients with a wide range of legal consulting services. Immigration, citizenship, and investment law are among the most frequently asked questions by foreign clients. For instance, in order for investments and employees of foreign clients to enter our nation and work within, specific documentation must be submitted. The legal harmonization of investments, the acquisition of work and residence permits for these foreign nationals, and the renewal of these permits when they expire are some of the requirements. Dogus Law quickly completes all of these procedures for foreign clients. ​ Again, investment law is important in our country, especially for foreign investors because of its strategic importance. Dogus Law offers clients from abroad who consider investing in our country a wide range of legal consulting services, including company formation, the preparation of articles of association, and thorough follow-up on takeover and compliance procedures.

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